What Ever Dominates Your Thought Could Be a Business

We have for so long felt the limits of progressing in business. With the tax laws, licenses and other financial obstacles many who are qualified to be successful entrepreneurs have set those dreams on the back burner.

Many have shrunken to nearly a fetal position when it comes to pursuing the dream of independence from the normal 8 to 5 job. With the economic state of our country, we now have the opportunity to accommodate the consumer in areas the larger companies have had to scale back in.

Many companies have replaced voice mail options with people. The normal consumer is frustrated by the long process of pressing options only to be sent to a new menu of options then asked to input a series of information on your account that you many not have handy. Once you’ve accomplished 5 minutes of completing those instructions, your put on hold indefinitely to wait on the ‘next available representative’. The next available representative then asks you the same series of questions you’ve already punched into the system by your phone key pad. By this time you have spent 10 minutes of your precious time before you have been given the opportunity to state your question or concern.

Considering we only have so many hours in a day that we can physically and mentally stay alert, we have to steal time from what should have been leisure to deal with our problems. The problems we are most frustrated with are those which are not foreseen such as your insurance company wanting additional verification on your car’s identification or an audit on your policy. Then there are problems with a charge on your bank statement you don’t recognize which could be something you forgot to record or possibly the threat of identity theft. No matter how small the problem seems, your experience has taught you a small problem could become a big problem in the future if not dealt with immediately. Then there’s the flat tire but you have no road service, you have one car that you must get to work in but you have no leave/vacation or sick time and you need every dime of your regular income to pay your bills.

Everything you’re dealing with is centered around time and time means money. If someone can save you time and money simultaneously, would you not be willing to pay for their services? Just within the everyday issues there is money to be made by saving an individual time. Each incident I described above has the potential to be a service business to someone who is already frustrated by unforeseen issues and limited by time constraints due to work, family and other commitments. I believe now is the time to capitalize on the areas the big business have slacked in. If you’re not sure how you can capitalize on these opportunities then search yourself for your best gifts and talents. The key to a great business resides inside of who you are.