How the Male Mind Works – What Would Make a Man Want You?

What would make a man want you? Do you ever wish you knew how the male mind works, so that you could answer that question? There must have been several instances in your life where you thought you had men figured out, just to realize later on that they are still nothing but a big mystery to you. Well, once you learn how the male mind works, you will be able to learn exactly how to make yourself irresistible in the eyes of men. Read on.

For starters, you need to know that your attitude will play an important role in how to make a man want you. This probably isn’t news to you, but it does need to be stressed. See, if you lack in confidence and feel that you aren’t good enough for the man that you want, then he will think the same about you in return.

Men tend to fall for women who are confident. They love being with women who are in total control of their lives. So, if you walk into a relationship acting like you know that you are worth the world, then your dream guy will get drawn to you by nature. In other words, if you tell yourself that you are a prize worth winning, then he will believe that you are.

Another thing that you should know about how the male mind works is that they do not like it when women run after them. You might have trouble resisting the urge to run after your dream guy, especially if you are sure that he is “The One”, but men can sense desperation from a mile away and do not find this trait attractive at all.

No man wants to see a woman placing herself at his feet and begging for his attention because it makes the woman look far too serious. So, instead, let him run after you and don’t make things too easy for him. Men like running after women – believe it.

If you want to understand more on how the male mind works, just hang out with a ton of guys sometime. You will soon realize that they don’t like causing friction for fun nor are they drama queens like women are. After all, this does nothing but cause unnecessary anxiety and stress, which men don’t need in their lives. So, if you want to attract a man and keep him, learn to go with the flow and stop taking life far too seriously.

Make Him Fall in Love – What Works, What Doesn’t

Have you been trying to get him to fall in love with you? Has he shown a certain degree of interest in you, but he’s not all the way there yet? Do you sometimes get the feeling he’s trying to back out and you don’t know why? Guys can have huge fluctuations with the emotions they feel. They’re attracted to a woman, start to feel a degree of emotion, fear that emotion, fear losing her, fear losing themselves.

To calm his fears you have to avoid any and all pressure. He needs to know that being with you isn’t going to become a chore. If you begin to put pressure on him now, he can only imagine what you’ll be like later.

Keep your focus on having fun with him and showing him that he’s better off with you than without. However you have to be wary of going too far and appearing desperate. Ideally you want to be yourself and just take it easy. Having fun with him shouldn’t be work and you shouldn’t have to be forcing it or faking to have a good time with him.

When you guys feel a natural sense of comfort just being together, even if you’re not doing anything in particular, the sense of well being that will envelope him will bring him to consider committing to you.

Also hang onto your life and don’t be too eager to give up your activities in order to be with him more. Being at his side all the time can become tiresome for him, but you’re also not ever giving him a chance to miss you.

Leave him to himself for few nights and let him have a breather while you reconnect with the friends or re-enroll in the class you’d cancelled. If he knows that you won’t be always latched to his side, he’ll feel better about the thought of falling in love with you.