I’ve Been Doing Penis Enlargement Exercises Such As “Jelqing” But It’s Not Working? What Do I Do?

“Dammit!” as you look at your penis and realize that you are still ‘stuck at 5-6 inches in length.

If you’ve been performing penis enlargement exercises like “jelqing” for any amount of time, and you have yet to see any results, I am going to share with you a few reasons why you may be struggling.

First off…be very careful who you take exercise advice from!

We all get “one” penis in this lifetime…that’s it!

And he is our best friend! The ‘little head’ that’s responsible for some of the most enjoyable pleasures we shall ever experience in this lifetime.

So take care of him & he will take care of you!

So here are a few reasons why you may be falling short!

Jelqing is just like any other exercise – you need to warm-up before starting!

1. Gently massage your penis until you have a partial erection.

2. soak a washcloth in warm water,.

3. Wrap your little guy in the warm washcloth for (3) minutes.

4. Repeat the exact warm-wrap routine another three times.

This four-step process should be practiced before every exercising session.

Additional advice…

*Always use sufficient lubricant during jelqing – (baby-oil & coca butter works best for me).

* Never jelq when you have a full erection (and don’t ejaculate when jelqing).

* Don’t put a ‘death grip’ on your penis using the jelq grip. If it hurts, or you see bruising, ease up immediately.

* Always perform a “warm-down” routine after completing your jelqing exercises (same as a warm-up).

A Diet Plan That Works – What To Look for In A Diet Plan To Find One That Will Work For You

I’m sure you’ve learned by now that any old diet plan just won’t do. You have to find a diet plan that works. In order for your diet plan to work though it has to be a plan you can stick with through thick AND thin.

Too many plans and programs dedicated to weight loss focus on ways that will get you fast results but fail to discuss methods of achieving sustainable results and continuing to get the results you’re looking for from your weight loss plan.

It isn’t easy to struggle with the ups and downs of weight loss. It’s hard to convince yourself that the weeks of slow progress are still PROGRESS and nothing to be dismissed or diminished. We learned in nursery school that slow and steady wins the race but when it comes to weight loss we want instant results and instant gratification.

We forget that two pounds of weight loss per week (which is what doctors recommend) is 100 pounds over the course of a year if you take two weeks off from your weight loss efforts without gaining weight during those two weeks.

Here are two no-nonsense tips to help you lose two pounds a week that any diet plan you follow should include. These allow you to lose weight in a way that you can sustain and not in a way that will leave you going on a weight loss roller coaster ride like so many diet plans do.

Add Veggies to Your Daily Diet

What? You want me to add food to my diet? I thought this was about losing weight. Aren’t we supposed to be getting rid of food?

So glad you asked?

In truth, adding veggies to your daily diet (eating 3-6 servings of vegetables a day) will have you filling up on nutrients that fuel the body for the long-term. The real key here though is that they fill you up. When you add vegetables to your diet and make eating them a priority you’ll have less room left over for those empty calories that leave you hungry for more in a matter of minutes or crashing and burning at the end of the day.

Find a Way to Make Exercise Fun

Is there any such thing as fun exercise?

You better believe there is!

My daughter loves tribal belly dancing. She caught her first glimpse of this type of belly dancing at a Renaissance Fair when she was only two years old and has been hooked on the driving drum beat and hip gyrations ever since. So we keep her fit and active with belly dancing videos, classes, and music that keep her moving, fit, and happy all seasons of the year.

Belly dancing may not be your solution. Perhaps it’s tennis, soccer, volleyball, swimming, biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, skate boarding, or even cross-country running (for all you true masochists out there).

Ball room dancing, mall walking, and square dancing can be fun for people looking for a little fitness to add to their days. The trick is in finding something you find enjoyable so you’ll be sure to actually make time for it and then to follow through and do it.