I’ve Been Doing Penis Enlargement Exercises Such As “Jelqing” But It’s Not Working? What Do I Do?

“Dammit!” as you look at your penis and realize that you are still ‘stuck at 5-6 inches in length.

If you’ve been performing penis enlargement exercises like “jelqing” for any amount of time, and you have yet to see any results, I am going to share with you a few reasons why you may be struggling.

First off…be very careful who you take exercise advice from!

We all get “one” penis in this lifetime…that’s it!

And he is our best friend! The ‘little head’ that’s responsible for some of the most enjoyable pleasures we shall ever experience in this lifetime.

So take care of him & he will take care of you!

So here are a few reasons why you may be falling short!

Jelqing is just like any other exercise – you need to warm-up before starting!

1. Gently massage your penis until you have a partial erection.

2. soak a washcloth in warm water,.

3. Wrap your little guy in the warm washcloth for (3) minutes.

4. Repeat the exact warm-wrap routine another three times.

This four-step process should be practiced before every exercising session.

Additional advice…

*Always use sufficient lubricant during jelqing – (baby-oil & coca butter works best for me).

* Never jelq when you have a full erection (and don’t ejaculate when jelqing).

* Don’t put a ‘death grip’ on your penis using the jelq grip. If it hurts, or you see bruising, ease up immediately.

* Always perform a “warm-down” routine after completing your jelqing exercises (same as a warm-up).