Brands of Mattresses At Different Price Points

Getting quality sleep during the night is important to many people because it does have a direct effect on the mind and body. People that do not sleep well night after night are often times moody, sluggish and feel much fatigue. This can affect their job performance, as well as their personal life. Fortunately, there are many brands and types of mattresses available on the market and at every price point. This is wonderful because it gives the consumer many options to choose from based on their preference, budget and wants. Below, is a brief overview of different mattresses based on different budgets.

Buying A Mattress On A Lower Budget

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to invest on a mattress. Fortunately, there are many options available that cost under $1000. First, buying a mattress from a second hand store is something many people do. This is usually less than $100, but make sure that the mattress is cleaned and sanitized properly. Another option is getting the mattress for free from a friend or relative that is simply giving it away. Buying a new mattress for only a few hundred dollars is very reasonable too. Brands in this category include Nectar Sleep, Zinus, DHP, Denver Mattress Company and more.

Brands Found Between $700 To $1,800

Cheaper mattresses are often replaced every few years because of their quality and durability. Many people would rather not do that, so they opt to invest a little bit of money to get a good quality mattress that will last them a lot longer than a cheaper one would. Different brands in this category consist of DreamCloud, Saatva, Leesa, Winkbed, Amerisleep Liberty and more. These brands are not top of the line, but they are great for the price range they are in.

Mattresses can cost thousands of dollars or you can find some for under $100. It really just depends on the budget and how important it is to get quality sleep. There are some people that will pay for a top quality mattress, while others are happy sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor.