Windshield Repair Marketing – What Works, What Doesn’t

Marketing is the key difference between living the life you dreamed of when you started your windshield repair business or hanging on by your fingernails as you struggle to hang on.

Having coached hundreds of windshield repair techs on the correct way to market their business I’ve discovered that the majority of them did not have a clue just how important the marketing side of the business was to their success.

When I first started my windshield repair business I was excited beyond belief. I was going to make $500 per day and finally live life on my terms. I’d be “CAPTAIN WINDSHIELD REPAIR,” blazing a trail through my area, leaving all the other windshield repair businesses in my dust. Was I ever wrong.

The first lesson you must learn is critical to your success. Marketing done right does not cost you money, it makes you money. If you were to do a poll of windshield repair techs asking them how much they spend on their marketing, you’d find that most of them would laugh and say zero. They’d be proud of that. They’d brag how they wouldn’t waste their money on marketing. They say word-of-mouth and knocking on doors is their marketing plan.

Now, ask them how their business is doing and how many repairs they’re doing per day. You’ll likely hear sob stories. They’ll tell you how the economy is bad. That the recession is killing their businesses. They’ll blame their slow days on too much competition. They sit around as their phone collects cob webs from a lack of use. They’re being reactive, not proactive.

The smart windshield repair techs are using creative, strategic marketing programs and ideas. They’re phones are ringing, they’re staying busy and the best part is that they’re not having to go door-to-door hoping to find customers. Think about it. When is the last time an appliance repairman came to your door asking if you needed a repair done? How about an AC guy? A Plumber? An Electrician? A landscaper? Probably never.

There’s no need for you to have to drag yourself down to the business district in town and solicit business. Leave that for the hookers. You’re a professional and with the right marketing you can make as much as any AC guy, any Plumber, any Electrician and any Landscaper. And if you’re coachable and open to suggestions, you could make more than these guys.

Windshield repair techs come and go on a daily basis. The majority struggle to survive. Most fail. It’s not that they’re not good at what they do, it’s not that they don’t have the skills, it’s not that they’re not willing to work hard, it’s their lack of MARKETING Training. That’s the bottom line: It all comes down to proper marketing strategies.

Does Cclean Really Work? What You Need to Know About Cclean

Does Cclean really work? I was apprehensive and tentative at best when someone was telling me about the product. I had previously tried registry and system cleaners before, both shareware and freeware, and I found their performance to be adequate at best.

The internet is riddled with many online programmes as well as dynamic websites that do a scan on your computer’s registry. Some of them do not justify their price tags, and some just simply do not justify existence.

Cclean, in my opinion, presents itself as a simple solution to a complex landscape of market driven products and programmes. The download size – a mere 2.8 megabytes, was easy and fuss free – already earning brownie points over other websites that ‘piggy’ back on unnecessarily complex file storage websites.

I chose a pretty high end system which had been running for 6 months straight – inevitably, the lightning machine had began to stutter and chug, especially during start-up – so it would be a good test bed for Piriform’s new permutation.

The design is very well done, large fonts and easy to understand menu systems. Visually ergonomic, running through the icons and submenus presented very little problems – and so I zoomed into the ‘Registry’ menu first. Presenting 15 possible areas (which the user can choose) of registry hiccups, Cclean is one of the more comprehensive registry scans available. For this test I chose all, and the scan on a large capacity desktop with more than 80 programmes installed – took less than a few mere minutes. Cleaning took even less time – with adequate prompts for critical looking entries and embedded keys – ensuring a safe deletion.

And there is automatic registry backup which the user can place in a thumb drive or external drive.

Cleaning also took less than five minutes. Next I moved on to the applications and windows settings – over 30 different areas, including specific applications that Cclean can detect and scan. It even allows the user to choose which files and folders to protect from scanning, as well as customise which cookies to delete-or keep after a scan.

It may sound complicated, but everything is done neatly with the universal user in mind. It is one of the most fuss free programmes I have ever seen – with a learning curve that is just as quick as its scanning and cleaning capabilities.

Now for the ‘baited breath’ test. After cleaning and deactivating some of my start up programmes through its ‘Tools’ functions – I restarted the test system and timed the load time.

I can happily report that the lump of coal that was my windows load and start up was noticeably faster – in fact by more than a minute. In digital time – that is quite an achievement. Programmes were crisper and the mouse was more responsive during the initial load. I also had a niggling ‘rundll 32’ error – ‘cannot launch programme message’ every time the computer loaded – which was gone after Cclean’s efficient scan.

In all – Cclean works, because it does complicated and time consuming checks in mere minutes, carefully raking through system banks and the sensitive windows registry to speed up operating time.