Windshield Repair Marketing – What Works, What Doesn’t

Marketing is the key difference between living the life you dreamed of when you started your windshield repair business or hanging on by your fingernails as you struggle to hang on.

Having coached hundreds of windshield repair techs on the correct way to market their business I’ve discovered that the majority of them did not have a clue just how important the marketing side of the business was to their success.

When I first started my windshield repair business I was excited beyond belief. I was going to make $500 per day and finally live life on my terms. I’d be “CAPTAIN WINDSHIELD REPAIR,” blazing a trail through my area, leaving all the other windshield repair businesses in my dust. Was I ever wrong.

The first lesson you must learn is critical to your success. Marketing done right does not cost you money, it makes you money. If you were to do a poll of windshield repair techs asking them how much they spend on their marketing, you’d find that most of them would laugh and say zero. They’d be proud of that. They’d brag how they wouldn’t waste their money on marketing. They say word-of-mouth and knocking on doors is their marketing plan.

Now, ask them how their business is doing and how many repairs they’re doing per day. You’ll likely hear sob stories. They’ll tell you how the economy is bad. That the recession is killing their businesses. They’ll blame their slow days on too much competition. They sit around as their phone collects cob webs from a lack of use. They’re being reactive, not proactive.

The smart windshield repair techs are using creative, strategic marketing programs and ideas. They’re phones are ringing, they’re staying busy and the best part is that they’re not having to go door-to-door hoping to find customers. Think about it. When is the last time an appliance repairman came to your door asking if you needed a repair done? How about an AC guy? A Plumber? An Electrician? A landscaper? Probably never.

There’s no need for you to have to drag yourself down to the business district in town and solicit business. Leave that for the hookers. You’re a professional and with the right marketing you can make as much as any AC guy, any Plumber, any Electrician and any Landscaper. And if you’re coachable and open to suggestions, you could make more than these guys.

Windshield repair techs come and go on a daily basis. The majority struggle to survive. Most fail. It’s not that they’re not good at what they do, it’s not that they don’t have the skills, it’s not that they’re not willing to work hard, it’s their lack of MARKETING Training. That’s the bottom line: It all comes down to proper marketing strategies.

Wealth Affirmations: What Works, What’s New, and Why

Wealth affirmations are a hot topic these days, and with the economy going nowhere, entire nations in crisis, and more and more people struggling to make ends meet, it’s not hard to understand why.

As folks from all cultures and religious heritages seek out wealth affirmations and other ways to take control of their lives, it will be interesting to watch where this shift in mindset takes us – as individuals and as a people.

If you aren’t already familiar with wealth affirmations, they consist of simple, easy to remember statements that are made in the present moment (as if what you want is already accomplished) and repeated over and over. The popular thinking behind this approach is that, the more you say something with feeling and conviction, the faster you’ll train your brain with new, more empowering thought patterns that eventually replace limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

One such wealth affirmation might be, “I earn enough money to cover all of my bills – and then some – and I do it with ease and joy.”

If you’re looking to create financial freedom for yourself and your family, wealth affirmations are a great place to start. After all, positive thinking has been a cornerstone of successful people for centuries.

But if you’re looking to go deeper, moving out of your head and into your heart can be the most transformative, powerful, and empowering thing you do for yourself.


When we work with wealth affirmations and other thought-pattern techniques, we’re coming at our problems from an analytical place which is limited by our knowledge, experience, and current understanding.

Coming from a place in the heart instead, we tap into creativity and inspiration and insights that aren’t available on a thinking level. Here, the solutions that come arrive from pure consciousness – a place that metaphysicists are only just coming to understand as existing outside of ourselves, and one that is unlimited, ever expanding, and full of potential.

How best to tap into this heart space? It takes practice, but if you’re willing to set aside some time every day to pray, meditate, or simply follow your breath into the silent space that is consciousness, you will see a few things begin to emerge:

1) You will feel more at peace, regardless of where you are in life, whatever your current challenges (including the financial ones) may be, knowing that there is a bigger picture at work, and that you don’t yet see it all to fully grasp why you are where you are in this moment.

2) Solutions to whatever challenges you may be facing will come up that you hadn’t considered before – elegant, simple solutions that you are happy to implement.

3) Life will begin to flow effortlessly, bringing more of everything – money, relationships, health – whatever it is that you want to increase.

Practice prayer, meditation, or present-moment awareness everyday, and you’ll find yourself allowing life to happen through you (not to you) as you move away from limiting thoughts and beliefs.