Do Kegels Work? What You Should Be Doing to Increase Erection Health!

Many people, myself included, have spent some portion of time searching for a method by which to increase erectile health, rigidity, and even size. Many of those people at some point or another stumble across Kegels as a practice to increase penile health. So the question becomes “Do Kegels Work?” Are they worth your time? The answer is absolutely. I’ve been doing kegels for quite some time; allow me to share what I’ve learned about what benefits they offer.

  1. Increased blood flow to the penis. This means a few things for you. Obviously with more blood your penis will be harder and healthier. Every part of your body needs blood, and this case the more you have the better. An added bonus to the increase of blood flow to the penis is that it’s possible that over time you will actually make small gains to size. The increase in blood flow also leads to a veinier, more sexually appealing penis.
  2. Increased sexual stamina. Kegels have long been looked to by those with premature ejaculation as a method to increase penile control during sexual intercourse. What can I say? If it didn’t work they’d have stopped doing it long ago.
  3. Increased ejaculatory strength. Have you ever seen a porn star shoot to the ceiling? I guarantee you they do their kegels. Your PC muscle (the muscle worked during kegels) controls the ejaculatory muscle, so by exercising it you increase its strength, and thus your ejaculatory distance.

So do kegels work? The fact of the matter is that, if done right, kegels will yield results, and you will have a healthier penis from doing them. The trick is just finding the right way.